Fantasia for Baroque Lute (1980)
Brief description: Work for solo lute, dedicated to Deborah Minken.

Eglogue symphonique pour koto à vingt cordes et orchestra (1982)
Brief description: Concerto for 20-string koto and orchestra. Dedicated to Souju Nosaka.

Symphonic Fantasia Nos. 1, 2 and 3 (1983)
Brief description: Three concert suites based on the music of Ifukube's various daikaiju (giant monster) and tokusatsu (special effects) film scores.

Violin Sonata (1985)
Brief description: Work for violin and piano in three movements: Allegro, Cantilena-Andante, Allegro Vivace.

Symphonic Ode - Gotama the Buddha (1988, revised 1989)
Brief description: Work for orchestra and mixed choir in three movements: Siddhartha in the Kapilavastu Castle, Meditation at Bodh Gaya, Ode-Acintiya Buddha. The Symphonic Ode is a reworking of Ifukube music from the ballet Shaka (1953).

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