Song of Otofuke (1970)
Brief description: Work for orchestra and choir, commissioned by the town of Otofuke. Ifukube lived in Otofuke during his childhood.

Toccata per chitarra (1970)
Brief description: Work for solo guitar, dedicated to Yasuo Abe.

26 Japanese Saints (1972)
Brief description: Ballet based on the true story of twenty-six Japanese Catholic missionaries who were executed by crucifiction in Nagasakai in 1597.

Rondo in Burlesque for Japanese drums and orchestra (1972, revised 1983)
Brief description: Work for orchestra and Japanese percussion based on march melodies from Ifukube's tokusatsu (special effect film) scores.

Eikyô Bintatara per per 16 strumenti di Giappone (1973)

Lauda Concertata for marimba and orchestra (1976)
Brief description: Concerto for marimba and orchestra. In 1981 it was performed at Carnegie Hall in New York. Dedicated to Keiko Abe.

Concerto No. 2 for violin and orchestra (1978)
Brief description: Commissioned by Japanese violinist Takeshi Kobayashi. Premièred in Brno, Czechoslovakia.

Santa Maria (1978/2002)
Brief description: Ifukube's Santa Maria music first appeared in the film Lady Ogin in 1978. In 2002, Japanese harpsichorist Sumina Arihashi requested that Ifukube adapt his Santa Maria for harpsichord.

Mono Yu Mai, Monodie chorégraphique pour koto à vingt cordes (1979)

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