Dr. Agustín Fernández is a Bolivian-born composer who studied with Akira Ifukube during the 1980s.

Dr. J.B. Smith is a reknown percussionist who produced and performed on Apparitions for Percussion, an album featuring Akira Ifukube's Lauda Concertata for Marimba and Orchestra. Dr. Smith performs the marimba solo on that recording.

Reiko Yamada is a Japanese-born pianist who studied under Akira Ifukube in the 1980s and has performed his music in concert many times.

Akira Takarada is a famous Japanese actor who is perhaps best know around the world for his various roles in daikaiju (giant monster) and tokusatsu (special effects) films.

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Dr. Agustín Fernández Dr. J.B. Smith

Reiko Yamada Akira Takarada

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